Designed for

Smarter Life


Stylized Icons

The latest XOS 7.6 integrates geometric elements from nature to create a simple and clean icon experience.

Enhanced Reachability

Everything in your reach. Adapting to the way we hold our phones, the interaction area has been moved down to enable smoother reachability even with one hand.



Hide your all your banking, social media apps and personal photos with Xhide so that no one can see them without your consent.

Theft Alert

Worried about leaving your charging phone unattended? Theft Alert will sound an alarm when your phone is unplugged. Sure to come handy when a plug isn't near your seat.

Peek Proof

Keep private things private. Peek Proof will obscure your phone’s display so others have a hard time snooping at your screen when you chat or use your phone.

Kids Mode

What your child can access on your phone is now in your hands. You can set limits to phone usage and customize the apps they can use.

smart & localized

XClone(Dual Apps)

Still using two different phones to access multiple accounts? No need! Xclone can solve your problem by offering to clone applications for you to run multiple accounts simultaneously. Supports WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Smart Comm

You will always stay connected with Wi-Fi Smart comm that auto-connects to saved Network and turns Wi-Fi off automatically when saved network is unavailable.

360° Flashlight

You can use both front and back Flash together for max brightness whenever you need it.

Photo Compressor

You get to save more pictures and memories by compressing photo size from MB to KB in a split of second.


Ultra Touch

A freeway for your fingers. Ultra touch provides ultimate speed and smoothness while scrolling or switching between screens.

Swipe Speed

Scrolling in Articles/ Menu will be Fast

Motion Speed

Switching between the screens would be Fast

Video Assistant

Once enabled, Video Assistant ensures you have no distractions while watching videos.

  • Incoming Call/Msg can be auto rejected
  • Record any snippet from videos
  • Play Youtube in the background
  • See your Whatsapp msg on TICKR

Thunder Back

Now bring any App in PiP mode with Thunder Back. This helps multitaskers switch between apps, copy OTPs and much more!

Game Zone

A Smart way to play games and still keep the fun rolling on social media! The game floating window in Game Mode allows you to quickly reply to social media messages by floating it over your gaming screen.